Acid Pauli/Geb. Teichmann, Smaul 12

Acid Pauli - Smaul 12
A1) Farewell Fred (08:13)

B1) For Fred (06:35)

Farewell Fred by Acid Pauli respectfully reminisces about time spent together with a friend. This track might already be heard, since it was digitally released on Crosstown Rebel “Get Lost V”. However, it’s worth to us to release it on vinyl again in this proper context. For Fred by The Brothers Teichmann reveals a pretty dubby piece of history, as father Teichmann and Fred Britzger both play in the track for a certain mood.

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Flug 8 - "Liebeslied"

Flug 8 - Liebeslied
A1) Mr. Ito (07:15)

A2) Liebeslied (08:42) » free download (192 kb/s mp3)

B1) Zeckenwalzer – Acid Pauli Remix (05:11)

EP includes 5 songs total.

Daniel Herrmann sticks to his principles that say: a good picture can be shot with a one-way pocket and a a good song does not need latest prod-environment. Tuning would not exist without detuning, and a mood is a mood. However, those who get into his music can expect much more from the new EP called Liebeslied (EN: Lovesong).

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»2011-10-18 © DOXA Records«

Odessa - "Memory Leak"

Odessa - Memory Leak
A1) Memory Leak (06:48)

A2) L’Aurore (06:28)

B1) Gold & Confusion (09:01)

Memory Leak (A1) equals a dream travel that is full of memory leaking little snaps. This track shows Odessa’s excellence for Afterhour spirit. L’Aurore (A2) became a House-Pop song. Frédérique Franke’s voice controls wonderfully the dramatic of the scene. Gold & Confusion (B1) finally shapes the whole idea of this EP.

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