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»2009-02-10 © DOXA Records«

Flug 8 - "Liebeslied"

Flug 8 - Liebeslied
A1) Mr. Ito (07:15)

A2) Liebeslied (08:42) » free download (192 kb/s mp3)

B1) Zeckenwalzer – Acid Pauli Remix (05:11)

EP includes 5 songs total.

Daniel Herrmann sticks to his principles that say: a good picture can be shot with a one-way pocket and a a good song does not need latest prod-environment. Tuning would not exist without detuning, and a mood is a mood. However, those who get into his music can expect much more from the new EP called Liebeslied (EN: Lovesong).

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»2011-10-18 © DOXA Records«

Flug 8 - "Lösch Dein Profil"

Flug 8 - Lösch Dein Profil
A1) City (05:11)

B1) Sie Schaut (07:18)

The album includes 8 songs plus an excl. Acid Pauli bonus track.

Now, here comes his debut album Delete User. Fully packed with metaphors he overdraws to understate. Flug 8 cannot be nailed on any genre-board, but creates a homogeneous music by reducing it on a hand full of sounds and a certain range of simplified tunes. Might this be true Kraut-Techno?

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