Flug 8 - "Lösch Dein Profil"

A1) City (05:11)

A4) High (08:16) » free download (192 kb/s mp3)

B1) Sie Schaut (07:18)

The album includes 8 songs plus an excl. Acid Pauli bonus track.

Daniel Herrmann – a photographer in other life – has drawn attention by his works such as the club documentary printed as fancy picture book 12×672.

Alias Flug 8 he has been producing music for a while now. Thanks to the needs of discovery of Martin Gretschmann (Acid Pauli, Console, The Notwist) his music entered the Weilheim based soundforge around Gretschmann and Hometrainer and, finally could find a place on their label Smaul Recordings (exploited by Doxa). His debut 12” in early 2008 received quite a bit of positive response.

Flug 8’s music cognitively glides thru an audible 3D universe. His way crosses trivial streets and died out avenues, dirty dance floors and sad remains of glamorous disco. Finally, his journey ends up exhausted but satisfied, resting on something gently soft like a forest soil.

Now, here comes his debut album Lösch Dein Profil in English Erase you profile or even better Delete User, which can be seen as appeal. Fully packed with metaphors he overdraws to understate. Flug 8 cannot be nailed on any genre-board, but creates a homogeneous melancholic music stuffed up with secret hopes, by reducing it on a hand full of sounds and a certain range of simplified tunes. Might this be true Kraut-Techno?

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